Morning or evening? Exercise for maximum results

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This is a question that is often a topic of debate for people thinking about starting to exercise and hoping to lose weight quickly. We often ask each other. Is it better to exercise in the morning or in the evening? In fact, exercising at any time is beneficial to your health. But there are things to be careful about in each period. and to get the most results from your exercise Let’s take a look at how to exercise in the morning. What is the appropriate method? The same goes for exercising in the evening. Should this occur before or after a meal? Let’s look at the details.

Morning exercise

Most people think that in the morning the air is fresh, there is less pollution, the air is cool and the body is still refreshed. because I had stayed all night But waking up in the morning, our body has no energy for the muscles in our arms and legs. Therefore, you should eat 2 hours before exercising to allow your body to absorb nutrients and energy to various organs.

Symptoms of exercise When not eating in the morning

  1. dizzy, faint
  2. acute myocardial infarction life threatening

Suggestions for morning exercise

  1. If you want to exercise slowly You should eat a small amount of food first, such as bread, sandwiches, beverages, malt extract, which takes about 30-60 minutes to digest. This will be enough energy for light exercise such as walking, but not running. or aerobic dancing
  2. Continuous aerobic exercise for more than 1.5 hours puts too much strain on the liver. which results in decreased immunity. สมัคร ufabet

Exercise in the evening

After eating dinner, 2 hours later, you can continue exercising. and will cause nutrients to be used as energy until there are minimal nutrients left make time to sleep There will be less fat in the arteries or increased fat in various parts of the body than those who do not exercise.

Suggestions for exercising in the evening

Exercising in the evening will increase the body’s immunity. And helps the body’s immunity to the flu increase. According to a scientific study on how exercise affects immunity, Andrew Kate found that moderate exercise It can help increase the body’s immunity, but sitting and lying down or exercising too hard will cause the body’s immunity to decrease. It has also been found that regular moderate exercise increases the functioning of the immune system.