4 Fruits That Are High in Sugar with diabetes eat?

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4 Fruits That Are High in Sugar How can people with diabetes eat?

Eating fruit for diabetics is limited due to the amount of sugar naturally present in the fruit. But it does not mean that people with diabetes unable to eat fruit at all. Eating fruit for the living must be done in a way that limits the amount eaten by the type of fruit. Therefore, in this article, the author would like to pass on information about 8 fruits that contain a lot of sugar. How can people with diabetes eat ? All 8 types of fruits can found in Thailand.

The content in this article about the amount of sugar in fruit and the amount that can be eaten is from the Bureau of Nutrition, Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health. Personally, the author has normal health, but when eating fruit, there is a limit on the amount of each time you eat as well. For people with diabetes, it is important to focus on limiting the amount of fruit. Because it has high blood sugar as the original cost. 8 Fruits that contain a lot of sugar. How can people with diabetes eat as follows? Read on UFABET


The price may still be high. Mangosteen is a fruit that tastes very good. sweet and sour which is the author’s favorite fruit However, people with diabetes can still eat mangosteen. Which can eat only 4 results only, with these 4 results. If weighed out as that weight It should weigh about 1 tbsp because 1 tbsp of mangosteen provides a total sugar content of 17.4 grams or 4.3 teaspoons, divided into

  • Fructose sugar equals 1.4 grams.
  • Glucose is 1.5 g.
  • Sucrose is 14.5

2. Takhop 

People with diabetes in rural areas may have the opportunity to see Takhop often, or some people may grow Takhop at home. Takhop is a sweet, fragrant fruit with many small seeds inside. When you eat, you can eat the whole shell. Normally, the writer doesn’t eat Ta-Khop very often. But when I saw the takhop, I usually picked it up to eat only a small amount. The dark red takhop tastes sweeter than the light pink takhop. By eating 1 takhop, only 2 types of natural sugars are fructose equal to 5.9 grams and glucose equal to 4.5 grams, representing a total of 10.5 grams of sugar or equal to 2.6 teaspoons of sugar found here. The Department of Health therefore recommends that People with diabetes can eat only 10 Takhop fruits.

3. Sanju guava 

Type of guava that contains a lot of natural sugar. The Department of Health has conducted a study and found that only half of Sanju guava fruit. It is the maximum amount that people with diabetes can eat. Because half of this guava gives a total of 6.4 grams of sugar, or 1.6 teaspoons, divided into

4. Torpedo watermelon 

Elongated shape similar to a rugby ball. It is the watermelon that the author sees most often. Torpedo melons have a red inner flesh. delicious Provides a lot of water, very suitable for the summer in our house and Torpedo melons are sweet. The sweetness of torpedo melons comes from natural sugars as follows

5. Hong Huay lychee 

Lychee that is different from hunchback lychee. The hunchbacked lychee can be seen a lot in Samut Songkhram province. Humpback lychee is the only type of lychee that the Department of Health recommends that people with diabetes can eat up to 7 fruits, but for other types of lychee, it is equivalent to eating the same amount as Hong Huay lychee, which is 4 fruits from the natural sugar content. found in Hong Huay lychee found total sugar up to 13.6 grams, or 3.4 teaspoons, divided into only 2 types of sugar, fructose, equal to 7 grams, and glucose, equal to 6.6 grams.