The ghost closed the door, moved Jesse Lingard make the player hot-headed.

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Manchester United want to keep Jesse Lingard alive causing players to miss the opportunity to move teams in the winter market.

Newcastle have shown a strong interest in the England midfielder. Come off the pitch for West Ham and attempting to negotiate a deal with the Red Devils in hopes of bringing in a player. Before the transfer window closes.

Yet on Monday night it was reported that. The Red Devils had closed the door on Lingard’s transfer as the club wanted to keep the midfielder alive. Even at the risk of losing free players after the season.

Wrong with Jesse Lingard. Who clearly UFABET expressed the need to move the team. Because there was almost no opportunity to play for the team. Which the players expect to negotiate with Newcastle or West Ham.

But with the club’s attitude. The transfer will not happen because Manchester United do not open negotiations or opportunities for other teams to talk.

After Jesse Lingard has been pushed up into the club’s first team. 

He trt to step up to be the main character of the team. With diligent practice and regular fitness until there are always 11 real names. Which was a dream of his childhood ever. Who has play in the first team of the Red Devils until now. No matter what manager will come to manage the team. There will always be Lingard’s name attach to it as one of the players in the middle. That they will call always active.

Jesse Lingard scores in the final game to lead Manchester United to the UCL.

Until the 2019-2020 season was a very difficult season for Lingard because of both the problems of life that flooded in. Until affecting his form of play on the field and causing many media The news agency came out that Jesse Lingard and may be released from the club soon. And he can’t bear to keep his feelings in his own heart alone. So he decided to consult with the manager of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, so he began to have the strength to fight again. 

Before starting to get a chance to enter the field again Although at this time he is not a key player for the club anyway. But when the final game of the 2019-2020 season, Manchester United’s clash with Leicester City arrived, he was substituted in the late game. to regain confidence And that’s why many Red Devils fans have to come back to praise him again when Jesse Lingard was able to slip him away to score an important goal in helping Manchester United to a 2-0 win over Leicester, resulting in Manchester United stepped up to finish 3rd in the league table. and has entered the UEFA Champions League in the next season as well