Juninho may leave Lyon next summer

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Juninho Pernampugano Clue that may leave the position of director of the Olympic Lyon football club at the end of this season.

The Brazilian sporting director appeared on ARMSE’s French station Rothen s’enflamme. With one episode asking about the future. And the 46-year-old former midfielder revealed that there was an opportunity to retire.

“I hope to finish the season well and at the end it’s normal for it to end,” Juninho said.

“I’ve been told that in three years I’m going to think twice about it at the end of the season. But in my mind it was three years.”

“For the average person, it might be seen as not doing much as a sporting director. But it affects mental fatigue. I don’t want to exceed the limit.

“It doesn’t threaten me, I love the club, I have great respect for the president. and for the incident I am still very dedicated to the team and this will not be forgotten.”

As for Juninho, a Lyon legend before being drawn into management in 2019, his relationship with the previous manager has not been as good as it could have been.

The strike from 12-yards was particularly significant as it was his 100th goal for the club. A feat that saw him receive a special plate from the club after the game.

“At his request, we met [on Monday],” Aulas explained to France Football. “[General manager] Claude [Puel], [presidential advisor] Bernard [Lacombe] – Juni demanded this engagement. For what he has given us, we thought it necessary to grant him his freedom.”

The 34-year-old midfield has indicated that his future will lie either in the Middle East or in Brazil. But Aulas indicated that Lyon would be willing to offer him a job in the future. Potentially as an international ambassador of the club.