Jack Grealish to look at the role model of Manchester United star.

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Talk Sports analyst Alvin Martin has urged Manchester City attacker Jack Grealish to look at the role model of Manchester United star David Beckham. How famous footballer is it off the field? Returning to the grass floor, there was full concentration as well.

Jack Grealish was pressured over a £ 100m fee from Aston Villa as the summer pressure left him unable to exude the dread he had at City ‘s big clubs .

However , ex -West Ham forward Martin has said the 26 – year-old has a solution: like Beckham, he shares his focus on football , social issues and children and wives UFABET.

“ I think Grealish is a really talented person. But he also needs to sharpen that potential, ” Martin opened his mouth.

“ He has to study more games , help press , learn how to play Man City football philosophy. when sacrificing oneself for the public. ” 

“ All in all it takes time to blend in but he can do it. Has anyone denied that he is not good at it? ” 

“ Personally, I think Jack wants to be a celebrity but things like this have boundaries. because it will cause a mess to him. make life a mess “

“ Being the headline or the back cover of the newspaper , I’m not sure what Pep Guardiola will think. I want Jack to look at David Beckham, a great celebrity footballer. But when it comes to focusing on football, he manages. That is a special ability. ” 

“ Grealish still needs to grow up. have more qualifications If he were to get married and settle down, something would change that guy. This has happened to many players. ”

Grealish recently broke up with model girlfriend Sasha Attwood and is now single , so he still can’t follow in Beckham’s footsteps .