Atletico Madrid still without Griezmann banned against Milan

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Atletico Madrid forward Antoine Griezmann will certainly be out of the Champions League clash with AC Milan. After UEFA ruled that the Atleti star will be suspended for two matches.

The France forward was sent off in the home defeat to Liverpool for raising a foot high on Roberto Firmino’s throat.

Atletico hope Griezmann will only be banned for one match.  Which was the game against the Reds at Anfield earlier this month. Because he couldn’t see Firmino coming close as he raised his feet in hopes of playing the ball.

However, Mundo Deportivo reports that UEFA have decided to impose a two-match ban on Griezmann. So he will miss the upcoming game against Milan.

Atletico Madrid had hoped that it would only be a one-game suspension. As he had not seen Firmino was so close when taking his foot so high to reach the ball.

However, Mundo Deportivo report that UEFA have imposed a two-match ban. So Griezmann has missed both the game with Liverpool at Anfield and will be ruled out of the upcoming showdown against Milan.

Defender Felipe is already suspended against Milan. After his red card during Atleti’s 2-0 defeat in Liverpool.

Meanwhile, defender Felipe Monteiro will also be banned. After getting a red card at Anfield

Liverpool currently sit at the top of the group with 12 points, followed by Porto with five, with Atletico Madrid with four and Milan with just one.