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5 times when exercise is not recommended

Exercise is an activity that has many benefits for the body. It helps the body to be strong and healthy and away from disease. However, there are still some times when exercise should not be done. Because it may have negative effects on health. ยููฟ่าเบท What

6 healthy fruits You can eat a delicious dinner

Any girls who are in the process of losing weight but don’t want to diet? especially dinner It is recommended to eat fruits that are suitable for eating during weight loss. The fruits that we recommend eating for dinner, which can help you lose weight very well, are as follows: ยูฟ่าเบท 1.Banana

Morning or evening? Exercise for maximum results

This is a question that is often a topic of debate for people thinking about starting to exercise and hoping to lose weight quickly. We often ask each other. Is it better to exercise in the morning or in the evening? In fact, exercising at any time is beneficial to

‘Silva’ slows down the contract, the magnate is not happy

Sky Sports reports Marco Silva is reluctant to sign a new contract with Fulham due to his dissatisfaction with the club’s transfer business this summer. The Portuguese manager has only one more year left on his contract at Craven Cottage. And just rejected offers from teams in

‘Lloris’ to find a new team, no need to tour Asia

Hugo Lloris arrives at a dead end with “Chicken Golden Spur” Tottenham Hotspur after the club confirmed. Allowing the former French national team goalkeeper Looking for a new team without having to go on a tour of Asia with the team, Spurs are in the process of building

Prevent heatstroke or heat stroke “a serious summer threat”

Prevent heatstroke or heat stroke “a serious summer threat” Heat stroke is the “summer threat”. Heat stroke is a serious medical condition that occurs. When the body’s thermoregulatory system fails. causing the body temperature to rise to dangerous levels. It can occur. When a person is exposed

Nutrients that the body needs in a day

Nutrients that the body needs in a day. Nutrition is an important part of our daily lives. Because these nutrients provide the body with the nutrients it needs to function properly. The human body needs a variety of nutrients. including carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals to maintain